Executive Coaching

“Don’t you deserve someone who will help you reach your best?!”

Linda Limbers Mitchell, Certified Master Executive Coach, well-known Author and Speaker, brings more than twenty-five years of experience to her clients. She and her team of associates are dedicated to helping others achieve their best through executive coaching, leadership development, goals alignment and strategic planning.

How Does Executive Coaching Work?

Executive Coaching is a planned process based on the goals of the client and his/her organization. It is designed to develop skills in people that they haven’t utilized or learned. Executive Coaching allows you to scrutinize yourself and your organization with a critical eye… and then take the steps necessary to correct mistakes and put it all on the track you want.

Your executive coaching sessions will be a challenge, but are guaranteed to work if you apply your discoveries. This journey is about maximizing potential and talents for you and your company. Every organization desires improved results. Every winning team follows a playbook.

Once your playbook is set, your executive coach is your personal GPS system. Your coach will help you through every step, but your coach won’t do the work for you, nor is it a quick-fix relationship. Expect your coach to ask the hard questions and help you enact change even when it is uncomfortable.

Executive coaching designs the course according to your goals and holds you accountable for achieving those goals. Isn’t it time you succeeded in pursuit of your highest ideals and standards? Executive coaching will help you crash the barriers that have kept you from cashing in on your talents and potential.

Your Executive Coach

In addition to her successful executive coaching practice, Ms. Mitchell is a professional trainer and speaker. She conducts seminars in leadership, sales, customer service, personal development and change management.

She brings enthusiasm and commitment to her executive coaching clients participants of her workshops, creating a sense of purpose, excitement and involvement to each individual. Her warm smile and engaging style put people at ease, while giving them concrete concepts to improve their lives and the belief that they are capable of making positive change – NOW!

Contact us for a free sample session. Take your potential and make it a working reality through executive coaching!

“Left to our own devices, most of us will not change until it is more uncomfortable to be where we are, than it is to get where we want to go. And, contrary to popular belief, it takes thirteen weeks (not twenty-one days) to change a habit”